Patty Saveurs

Everyday and Special Occasions Homemade Meals

Baked cod with mixed vegetables in a light curry and lemon sauce, delicious!

Cod is an awesome fish, it has a mild flavor and can be cooked a thousand delicious ways.

Here I brushed my cod loin with olive oil, seasoned it with salt and pepper, covered with a few fennel stalks and baked it at 400°F (200°C) for just 12 minutes and it was perfectly cooked, how quick is that?

I served it with a mix of fresh fennels, tomatoes and sautéed potatoes and a creamy curry and lemon sauce, very flavorful.

Super easy to make and delicious caramelized apple pecan hand pies!

This is a recipe that children and grown-ups alike adore, these hand pies will be gone in no time.

Hand pies are so cute and they are a delicious alternative to the regular apple pie

Chocolate muffins with chocolate chips, so delicious!

This is a rich and flavorful chocolate muffin loaded with chocolate chips, wonderful!

Contrarily to other muffins that are best the day they’re made, this chocolate muffin will taste even better on the following day, when the chocolate flavor will have softened.

Muffins are so easy to make, no mixer needed, one bowl of dry ingredients, one bowl of wet ingredients, mix with a spatula and it’s almost ready!

You can treat yourself and your dearest with this delicious little cake in about 40 minutes tops and the combinations are endless.

Healthy multi grains granola, so delicious!

This multi grain granola regulates the transit, it is full of vitamins and minerals and oh so delicious!

The basis of this granola is oats, linseeds and chia seeds, you can vary the other ingredients which for this recipe were rice krispies (Kellogg’s®) for some crisp and a few pecans (sometimes I make it with pistachios, yum), some coconut flakes.

I like to eat about 3 spoonfuls mixed into a bifidus yogurt and a little milk, a few raisins, and some of the fresh fruits I have on hand.

As for the spices, you can add cloves, nutmeg, allspice, ginger, vanilla, etc. Personally, I only like cinnamon.

Here's a wonderful idea to serve Prosecco, Apricot Spritz, so delicious and refreshing!