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Everyday and Special Occasions Homemade Meals

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  • Raspberry Tartlets with Zabaglione Cream

     Raspberry tartlets, creamy zabaglione on a shortbread crust, delicious!

    Don’t these raspberry tartlets look gorgeous? First there’s a shortbread cookie crust, then there is this sweet, creamy and velvety zabaglione cream and delicious raspberries: pure bliss!

  • Rubies of Thailand

    Rubies of Thailand tab tim grob small

    Red rubies of Thailand or TabTimGrob recipe, the most famous Thai dessert made with coconut milk, water chestnuts dyed in red with grenadine and mango, delicious and refreshing, perfect to soothe the tastebuds after a hot and spicy meal!

  • Rustic Chocolate Almond Torte

    Rustic Chocolate Almond Torte small

    Rustic chocolate almond torte is a fudgy flourless torte that rises while baking, then sinks while cooling leaving these signature cracks, so delicious!

    This is a flourless torte, very fudgy with a strong chocolate flavor, use the best quality chocolate you can afford to make it.

  • Shortbread Cookies

    Shortbread Cookies small

    Shortbread cookies recipe, shortbread cookies are among the most refined cookies, so delicious! First they are sweet, then they are slightly salty, they're a cup of tea's best friend…

    Shortbread dough is a little bit tricky to work with, and can be a nightmare to roll, that’s why it is usually simply assembled, shaped in a rectangle, and cut in the shape of fingers.

  • Strawberry and Vanilla Panna Cotta

    Strawberry and Vanilla Panna Cotta small

    Strawberry and vanilla panna cotta recipe, vanilla panna cotta paired with pureed fresh strawberries is a light and refreshing Summer dessert!

  • Strawberry Tart

    Strawberry tart with lemon curd and cream cheese filling, delicious!

    Refined and delicate, yet very quick and easy to make, this is a tart I like to make for my guests.

  • Surprise Lemon Pudding

    Surprise Lemon Pudding small

    Surprise lemon pudding, a delicious dessert with a twist!

    This lemon pudding is also called a “surprise lemon pudding” because, as it bakes, the batter separates in two layers: the top layer becomes a light sponge cake and the bottom layer an exquisite lemon sauce.

  • Valentine’s Strawberry Cream Puffs

    Valentine's Strawberry cream puffs, cute mini cream puffs with strawberry slices and white chocolate topping!

    These mini cream puffs are delicious and would be an ideal dessert for Valentine’s day, don’t you think?

  • Vanilla Caramel Cream Puffs

    Vanilla Caramel Cream Puffs small

    Vanilla caramel cream puffs recipe, these vanilla caramel cream puffs are filled with vanilla pastry cream and a few drops of salted caramel sauce, they’re an exquisite bite size delight!

    This is an extremely delicious little dessert, the choux pastry is sweet, the vanilla pastry cream is soft and creamy and then there’s the salted caramel sauce, oh super yummy!

  • Vanilla Chocolate Babka

    Vanilla Chocolate Babka small

    This vanilla chocolate babka recipe is made of soft buttery brioche dough and a vanilla pastry cream and chocolate chips filling, fluffy, soft and delicious!

  • Vanilla Sweet Wine Pastry Cream Puffs

    Cream puffs filled with vanilla and sweet wine pastry cream, delicious!

    This is an extremely delicious bite size dessert, the puff pastry is sweet, the vanilla pastry cream is soft and creamy with a light taste of Sauternes sweet wine. Sauternes can be substituted by any dessert sweet white wine of your region or country. You could also use any liqueur of your choice like Rum, Grand Marnier, etc.