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Everyday and Special Occasions Homemade Meals

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Spinach Gnudi with Brown Butter small

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How to make spinach gnudi and brown butter from scratch! Gnudi are dumplings similar to gnocchi but softer in texture, they are delicious and make for wonderful and inexpensive meals.

Gnudi are easy and quick to make, I like to make a batch for my family now and then, I serve them alternately with brown butter and sage or marinara, they’re filling and comforting.

Tender Chicken Fritters

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Tender chicken fritters! Served with marinara sauce, they are as delicious warm or cold!

Make the most of your shopping with these flavorful and tender chicken fritters!

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Beef and bell peppers stir fry, a flavorful and easy weekday dinner made in a jiffy!

This beef and bell peppers stir fry is made with dried porcini and a white wine sauce. You can substitute bell peppers with any vegetables you have on hand or simply omit them.

Easy homemade ricotta gnocchi from scratch

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How to make ricotta gnocchi and sage butter sauce from scratch! Ricotta gnocchi are little pillows of deliciousness and make for a wonderful and inexpensive meal.

Ricotta gnocchi are different in texture than potato gnocchi, I find them a little firmer although you can make them as soft or as firm as you like them by adding little or more flour.

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Panzanella salad made with croutons, chopped salad, tomatoes, delicious and flavorful!

As mentioned in my English Muffin Bread recipe, I love to make croutons out of this bread, I find the texture is perfect and I love to add them to soups or salads.

How to Cook Brussels Sprouts small
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Do you know how to cook Brussels sprouts in a way your children might like them better?

Brussel sprouts are such a great source of vitamins and nutrients but children often don’t like their rather strong flavor. I know, I so disliked Brussels sprouts as a child.