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Shaved ice melon (no machine), delicious!

To make your own shaved ice melon is quick and very easy, you only need a little water, some sugar and good fruits.

Besides, homemade shaved ice melon made with fresh fruits tastes so much better than the store-bought ones that are generally made out of syrup or concentrate… 

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This mincemeat bread is light and fruity, with mixed flavors in each bite, delicious!

Lately, I have been visiting a Russian fair with my girlfriend Monica, and among the exhibits there was this stand offering so many beautiful and meaty dehydrated fruits of the best quality. I had to buy some, but what to do with it…

Then, it reminded me of fond memories of my grandma’s rich mincemeat bread, or English cake as we used to call it. Grandma would always serve mincemeat bread with a good cup of tea whenever we visited.

So today, I did this “English cake” with dehydrated chunks of papaya and pear, raspberries, cranberries, raisins and candied cherries.


Please try it and let me know what you think.

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Matcha tea, pecans and white chocolate muffins, such a refined and delicious combination!

Muffins are so easy to do, one bowl of dry ingredients, one bowl of wet ingredients, mix and it’s almost ready!

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Fillet of hake with an olive crust, a delicious mediterranean way of serving fish.

Hake is particularly appreciated in my family: it is a white fish with a firm and meaty flesh, not fat, not oily and its flavor is delicate. Hake can be cooked in an infinity of ways, from sweet and sour, curry sauces, with tomato sauce, etc.

I find that hake is very similar to cod, but more refined. For example, if I were to cook fish balls, I would do them with cod not hake. Another advantage is that hake tends to be cheaper than cod.

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Spaetzle, egg pasta bits, delicious and very easy to make.

Spaetzle are rather served with meats and creamy sauces, but I have read that Germans like to eat them with a schnitzel (a pork Milanese cutlet). I like to serve them in autumn with deer fillets or any cut of game and a red wine sauce.

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Classic Plum (mirabelle) tart with hazelnuts, delicious!

A simple fruit tart is always delicious, and plums are a good alternative to apple or pear… At my supermarket, I find them frozen, halved and pitted, ready to use. Isn’t that swell?

If you are using frozen plums, I would advise to let them thaw completely, or else they would release too much water in addition to their juice. Also, it is better to sprinkle your pastry dough with a little flour, and personally I like to add hazelnut flour to absorb the fruit juice.

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