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Mini fruit pies: caramelized apples on vanilla pastry cream, strawberries on chocolate pastry cream with a dollop of whipped cream on top, delicious!

Isn’t everything small so so cute? These mini fruit tartlets are so simple and yet so delicious. I made them with the fruits I had on hand but of course, the combinations fruits/flavored pastry cream are endless.

Dinner Rolls Hamburger Buns small

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Delicious dinner rolls, hamburger buns, hot dog or sandwich buns, one dough for 3 types of buns!

This is a savory recipe but the dough can be sweetened with 2 additional tablespoons sugar and served as sweet brioche.

These dinner rolls require two rises.

Here I made rolls, but if you want buns, just flatten their tops and do not crowd them into the baking pan.

Vanilla Pastry Cream small

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Vanilla pastry cream or creme patissiere, the most delicious vanilla custard filling for cream puffs, donuts, fruit tarts and numerous pastries, learn how to make pastry cream and a few possible variations.

Pastry cream is a custard that is mainly used as a filling for cream puffs, or fruit tarts, muffins and all kinds of pastries. Vanilla pastry cream is a basic recipe, it can be flavored with a large variety of ingredients, such as chocolate, coffee, hazelnut, fruit syrups, liqueurs, etc.

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Brownies and cheesecake combined are a delicious way of enjoying two desserts in one.

I really prefer my brownies after a night in the fridge, I always find the chocolate a bit “raspy” on the first day, whereas after being refrigerated overnight and all the flavors have mingled, I find it soft.

shrimps and mixed seafood creamy tarragon sauce
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Shrimps and mixed seafood sautéed, creamy tarragon sauce, scrumptious!

Today, I made this seafood dish with large shrimps and a frozen mix that I found at my store: mussels, shrimps and scallops, but you can make it the same way with fresh seafood or by mixing any of your favorite seafood, such as shrimps of various sizes, calamari, clams, etc., just be careful with the cooking time however, I prefer to cook the large shrimps separately from the smaller seafood.

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Carrots, apple and pecan muffins, delicious!

Muffins are so easy to make, one bowl of dry ingredients, one bowl of wet ingredients, mix and it’s almost ready!

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Delicious cornbread, made in a jiffy, to eat with stews or any dishes with gravy.

This cornbread is flavored with cheese, not cheese oozing, you can even have it with a piece of cheese without boosting your cholesterol…

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Salted caramel chocolate mousse, such a delicious dessert! 

Chocolate is melted into a hot salted caramel sauce to make the most delicious chocolate mousse, heaven!

Plus, don’t my chocolate mousses look beautiful?

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Delicious, healthy and very traditional Southern coleslaw, THE side dish, what you want to add to your hamburger …

Apart that my coleslaw is homemade, nothing original in my recipe I am afraid, the authentic recipe is so perfect, what more is there to add? A pinch of cinnamon? NO NO NO…

Baked Sweet Potatoes small

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Baked sweet potatoes, a brush of olive oil, a few spices, so easy and delicious!

It is not great cuisine and so easy to make that I have hesitated before writing down this recipe but, after all, I had no idea about it before someone gave me the tip, and we so much like this recipe in my family that I have decided to give it a go.

I am counting one medium sweet potato per person, personally I can only eat about 3/4 of one