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Everyday and Special Occasions Homemade Meals

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Pork Tenderloin Creamy Herb Sauce small
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This easy stove-top cooked pork tenderloin with creamy herb sauce is packed with flavors. The sauce is made with various aromatic herbs, Cognac, white wine and cream, flavorful to the max! A delicious recipe for entertaining!

Salmon and Salsa Appetizers Cups small

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These salmon and salsa appetizers cups are hot and spicy, they make for a pretty and delicious appetizer when hosting a party!

Pear and Almond Cream Tart small
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Pear and almond cream tart is a classic French tart made with fresh pears and a delicious almond cream, it’s not only gorgeous but also scrumptious, quick to make also!

Duck Breasts Pot au Feu small

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Duck breasts pot au feu (literally pot on fire) is a kind of European stew usually made of meat and vegetables slow cooked together in broth, truly delicious! The meat is fork tender and the broth is full of aromas, so comforting!

Chestnut Spaetzle small

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Chestnut spaetzle pasta is a kind of free form egg pasta, very easy and quick to make, with a nutty flavor! It’s delicious on its own or as a side to saucy meat dishes.

Bailey’s Double Chocolate Bark petite

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Christmas is not only about cookies but also about chocolate! Put a bowl of this pretty and delicious Bailey’s double chocolate bark on your coffee table or pack it in nice little sachets and offer it!

Creamy Scallops Vol au Vent small

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Creamy scallops vol au vent is a crowd pleasing recipe, a delicious starter to serve when you have guests or for your holiday menus, put this recipe on your Christmas menu, it can be made a day ahead!

Dark Chocolate Panna Cotta small

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This dark chocolate panna cotta is a delicious, creamy, pudding like dessert, topped with whipped cream, it’s a match made in heaven!

Orecchiette Pasta with Pumpkin Cream small

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Orecchiette pasta with pumpkin cream and bacon! In this delicious Italian recipe the pumpkin is creamed with parmesan cheese, there is no addition of cream and therefore it’s a light recipe with full pumpkin flavor, so good!

Lemon Curd Marshmallows small

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Homemade lemon marshmallows! With the addition of lemon curd, these marshmallows have a slightly tangy flavor, they feel less sweet. Such a delicious candy and a great gift to offer!