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Appetizing Salmon Over Mini Hash Browns, delicious!

Mini hash browns topped with cream cheese and salmon! 

Such a flavorful appetizer that will tickle your taste buds, it is a shock of textures, first you feel the crispy hash browns, then the soft cream cheese will coat your palate and to top it all the wonderful flavor of smoked salmon will spread in your mouth, very addictive..

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Easy marbled quick bread flavored with chocolate and orange zest, so delicious!

This vanilla and chocolate marbled quick bread is flavored with orange zest and a little bit of orange juice, for me chocolate and orange pair beautifully.

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Pork roast orange and saffron sauce, delicious!

This dish is very flavorful, the roast is marinated for an hour into a mixture of mustard, garlic and a bit of orange juice, then it is baked for about 35 minutes. Aside, a sauce made with some orange juice, orange zests and saffron will enhance all flavors, delicious and juicy.

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Stuffed cabbage loaf, a delicious and comforting dish!

Although this dish is made of very simple ingredients, I find that it is quite spectacular, so delicious and flavorful. I think it is the ultimate comfort food, perfectly suited for cold winter days.

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Raisins and lemon muffins, so delicious!

This is a soft and tender muffin loaded with raisins and flavored with lemon zest. Raisins can be replaced by the berries or nuts you like best.

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Baked Salmon, sauteed vegetables in a creamy sauce, delicious!

I don’t know anybody who doesn’t like salmon, do you? Such a delicious fish and so many delicious recipes.

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Appetizing Green Peas Dip and Scallops, delicious!

Creamy green peas puree with scallops or shrimps, topped it with salmon caviar and bacon chips, a very flavorful appetizer/finger food/cocktail food ready in no time!

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Fancy holiday eclairs filled with pastry cream, delicious!

This is a delicious and fancy bite size dessert that can be decorated according to holiday themes, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc. Eclairs can be filled with your favorite pastry cream, curd or cream cheese, here I flavored them with simple vanilla pastry cream, vanilla pastry cream with a dash of salted caramel and nut butter pastry cream.

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Nut butter pastry cream flavored with vanilla and a mix of hazelnut and almond butter, delicious!

For this recipe, you need two preparations, the nut butter that can be made a few days ahead, and a vanilla pastry cream. Here, I added some whipped cream to lighten it.

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Baked lamb shank with mixed vegetables, delicious!

I always bake lamb in this simple fashion, brushed with mustard, salt and pepper, lots of rosemary and thyme, and I poke many holes in the meat that I fill with garlic cloves.

I like lamb shank well done so I cooked this 42.32 oz (1.2 kg) for about 1 hour, that’s about 15 minutes per 10.5 oz. (300 g.)