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Everyday and Special Occasions Homemade Meals

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Parmesan shortbread cookies for your appetizers, with a delicious goat cheese dip!

This is a very quickly made savory cookie, dump all ingredients in your food processor, assemble the dough in a log, chill and bake. And you can vary the cheeses and herbs in so many ways.

Chicken Kiev small

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Chicken Kiev, chicken breast stuffed with garlic butter, so delicious!

Chicken Kiev is one the most delicious chicken recipes, very flavorful. It is not a quick recipe as it needs some preparation, some freezing but the result is overwhelming.

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Baked cod with mixed vegetables in a light curry and lemon sauce, delicious!

Cod is an awesome fish, it has a mild flavor, a firm flesh and can be cooked a thousand delicious ways.

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Super easy to make and delicious caramelized apple pecan hand pies!

This is a recipe that children and grown-ups alike adore, these hand pies will be gone in no time.

Hand pies are so cute and they are a delicious alternative to the regular apple pie

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Chocolate muffins with chocolate chips, so delicious!

This is a rich and flavorful chocolate muffin loaded with chocolate chips, wonderful!

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Healthy multi grains granola, so delicious!

This multi grain granola regulates the transit, it is full of vitamins and minerals and oh so delicious!

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Here's a wonderful idea to serve Prosecco, Apricot Spritz, so delicious and refreshing!

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Chouquettes, soft little pillows of choux pastry, delicious!

Chouquettes are irresistible, they’re so sweet, soft and will melt in your mouth.

Grilled Duck Breasts and Sauteed Potatoes small

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Grilled duck breast and sauteed potatoes, delicious!

Duck meat has a rich flavor and can advantageously replace a good sirloin in terms of proteins and minerals. It is also much cheaper, about half the price of sirloin.

Salmon Tartar Over Mixed Salad small

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Salmon tartar over mixed salad with parsley pesto, so delicious!

This salmon tartar and mixed salad can make for a delicious starter or quick lunch.